God will Accomplish It

Each day of our lives starts with a fresh list of things we must do and actions we must take. And let’s face it, with most good things in life, if you want something, you must go out and acquire it through hard work. We are so used to this as our reality that we too often approach the promises of God this way. In the Beatitudes Jesus lists many qualities and the blessings tied to them. Most of these are expressed in passive voice. This tells us they are not secured by the one who is promised; they are secured by the Lord making the promise. You will not be left to comfort yourself. Your desire for righteousness will not be left to your own devices. You will not be forced to secure mercy for yourself. Neither will you have to secure your place as a son of God. All of this is promised to you. But don’t back off fearing you may not possess the qualities for which these are promised. I Thessalonians 5:23 promises God will sanctify you. Trust him to accomplish it.



Ken Cluck
Senior Pastor at Resurgent
Ken has served in various cultures and settings, including two Native American reservations, rural communities, Korean churches, and has worked with Asian refugees living in the US.

Ken's passions are Theology, Philosophy (especially Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Logic), History and Politics.

Ken has been married to his wife, Yong, since 1987. She is the center of his world and the greatest joy of his life.