The Right Direction

Do you ever worry about the right direction for your life, or the right course of action? Do you find yourself frozen out of uncertainty about what God would have you do in a situation? Though a common problem among the people of God, it is based on an erroneous understanding of God’s desire for our lives. In 1 Samuel 10:7, Samuel encourages King Saul to be confident in making decisions. The verse says, “Once you see these signs, do whatever your hands find to do, because God is with you.” The signs spoken of were the evidence that Saul had received the Holy Spirit. They were not intended to show the right course of action. It was the presence of the Holy Spirit that did that. Well, as a Christian you have the Holy Spirit in a way Saul never imagined. As such, you too can walk through life confident the Lord is with you. You can confidently choose a course of action, trusting the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide you and keep you from the sinful choice. This is God’s desire for your life.



Ken Cluck
Senior Pastor at Resurgent
Ken has served in various cultures and settings, including two Native American reservations, rural communities, Korean churches, and has worked with Asian refugees living in the US.

Ken's passions are Theology, Philosophy (especially Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Logic), History and Politics.

Ken has been married to his wife, Yong, since 1987. She is the center of his world and the greatest joy of his life.