Being Like Jesus

I often find myself praying to be more like Jesus. I want to learn to respond to the world as he did. I want to feel for the lost as he did. I want to mourn sin as he did. And if I’m honest, I expect a certain amount of honor for all of this. After all, Jesus was honored. Right? We forget that other than a small ragtag group of disciples (varying from a dozen to perhaps around a hundred), Jesus was despised. Most of his opposition came from the religious leaders, who should have recognized him as Messiah. As I was praying this morning, it dawned on me that truly being like Jesus means being attacked, harassed, insulted and crucified by the most religious among us.



Ken Cluck
Senior Pastor at Resurgent
Ken has served in various cultures and settings, including two Native American reservations, rural communities, Korean churches, and has worked with Asian refugees living in the US.

Ken's passions are Theology, Philosophy (especially Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Logic), History and Politics.

Ken has been married to his wife, Yong, since 1987. She is the center of his world and the greatest joy of his life.