Our Values

cmalliance-logoWe strive to know Christ deeply in four areas:

Christ Our Savior: We believe in Christ as the mediator between God and mankind. There is no other source of salvation and neither is salvation possible without Christ.

Christ Our Sanctifier: We believe that included in the work of Christ is the power to live a holy life. This does not mean sinless perfection, but the presence of God’s Spirit contending with our soul, correcting and improving us. This work will continue until Christ returns.

Christ Our Healer: We believe that Christ offers healing for all who come to him. This means healing in all its forms: spiritual, mental, physical, etc.

Christ Our Coming King: We believe in the physical return of Christ to earth in accordance to the scriptures, and believe his return is tied to the worldwide mission of the Church, carrying the good news to the ends of the earth.




Fresh Faith, Hope and Passion