Are you part of a denomination?

People looking for a church often ask about denominational affiliation which is a good indicator of what a church believes. Being Baptist, Presbyterian, etc. is a good indicator of their beliefs and practices. Some are looking to stay within a specific denomination when moving from one location to another. Such people may simply be looking for a non-denominational church.

In answer to the question, we are part of the worldwide ministry of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Though the C&MA is legally organized as a denomination, we strive to work with all who call on Christ for salvation. While this membership comes with some requirements—such as a Statement of Faith that all associated churches espouse—it has very little impact on the daily operation of the church. We reach out to our local community as we see fit, and work with the denomination to reach the rest of the world. However, since our denomination was formed to accomplish a mission—the Great Commission—rather than to protect some specific doctrinal view, we openly work with all other Christians in a sense of brotherhood and fellowship.

This drive to cooperate for the advancement of the Kingdom has impacted our churches from top to bottom and as a result we practice what we call “Big Tent Theology.” We understand that people disagree on many fine points of scripture. So long as these doctrinal differences do not affect salvation we allow freedom. This freedom is even expressed in the local church where people of very different views on some divisive issues still worship the Lord together in one congregation. Our motto could best be summed up with the words of Augustine: “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.”

Would you be comfortable as part of Resurgent?

If you do not believe in denominational divisiveness, then you will be perfectly comfortable because we do not believe in it either. But refusing to divide includes refusing to force a church to divide from a denomination which it has long been associated.

If you are part of a denomination that agrees with us doctrinally then you will be perfectly comfortable among us. We are not asking you to join or identify with the C&MA. We are asking you to join us, the local church, in reaching our community and the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Even if you still identify as with your current denomination, you will be perfectly welcome. We have others who, though long time members of the church, identify themselves by other names: Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, etc. We aren’t interested in labels. We are interested in reaching the world.




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