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The Beatitudes

Jesus began the Sermon on the Mount with a beautiful list of qualities known as the Beatitudes. The normal practice is to look at these qualities and say, “I have those; I don’t have that one…” But this is not how the list was intended. If you look at the benefits given for each quality you see they are all promises to those saved by Christ. Inheriting the Kingdom, being comforted, purity in heart and being called Sons of God, among others, are all promised to every person who calls on Christ. He doesn’t seek to simply give us a few of these qualities. Christ, through the indwelling Holy Spirit is developing each of them within you. He is working to make you a meek and merciful peacemaker, who recognizes your own spiritual poverty, who hungers and thirsts for righteousness, while mourning for a lost world. So the next time you read this amazing passage look at it, not as a list to be chosen from, but as a blueprint of the person into whom God is making you.