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God’s New Year’s Resolution

This morning begins a new year. Traditionally this is a time for fresh committal, for resolutions to change and promises to be better this year than last. But how should we judge such things? What does being better look like? Does better mean being lighter, thinner, wealthier, happier, nicer? Funny thing is such commitments to improvement seldom last. The work involved and the self-denial required are seldom understood when making these resolutions. Losing weight requires eating less. Being more financially secure requires earning more or spending less. I won’t even pretend to know what happier looks like. If these things were easy, there would be no need for the resolution—because they would already describe us. However, there is one improvement we can be sure of. Each moment, each day, each year, God is transforming you into the image of Christ. This means next January first you will be more like Christ than you are right now. This is not your resolution, but God’s.